1. Dogritos!

  2. "Papeles de guarimba"
    Fotografía e intervención digital. 2014

    Fotografías tomadas a papeles quemados durante las protestas estudiantiles en el mes de febrero en Caracas 2014, luego intervenidas digitalmente con personajes y lugares muy alejados de la política.

    Burnt paper photographs taken during the student riots in February 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela, then digitally altered with characters and places away from politics.

  3. Focus on the good things

  4. Cocuyo Licuao (Lightning Bug Smoothie)
    The adventure of a kid with a love and hunger for the lightning bugs.
    Digital / 2014

  5. "Piñata"
    Pintura al frío / edición fotográfica digital. 2014
    Fotografías de Miguel Monteagudo: https://www.behance.net/miguelmonteagudo

  6. El último día / The last day

  7. Argh!

  8. "Flamingo", an animated short directed by Carl Zitelman.
    Music by La Vida Boheme.
    Art direction by Leonardo González and Pablo Iranzo.

  9. "Siesta"
    Photo and digital illustration / 2014

  10. "Casino" fan art poster.

  11. Background layouts, title design, posters and dvd package design for the animated short film “Flamingo”, directed by Carl Zitelman with music by La Vida Boheme. 2012

  12. Bob Marley and The Wailers
    "Is This love"

  13. The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Thirty three”
    Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness

  14. Tire beast

  15. Rorschach Sky.
    A digital experiment with pictures I took fror a beautiful sunset at the beach in Margarita Island, Venezuela. (May 2014)